Cam’ron Already Fielding Offers To Buy His ‘It Is What It Is’ Sports Talk Show [Video]

Cam’ron debuted his sports talk show, It Is What It Is, and says several people have already offered to buy the series.

The first episode of It Is What It Is hit YouTube just two weeks ago, and Cam has since released episodes two and three. Despite the show being brand new, the “I Really Mean It” rapper said he’s already fielding offers.

“A lot of n*ggas hollering at me to try and buy my show, make my show a part of what they’re doing,” he said. “And listen, I appreciate the love, I appreciate the interest and everything else.”

Cam explains that he fully funds the show, and if he were to part with it, it would have to be for the right price. He stopped short of saying what his selling point would be but said it would need to be something he doesn’t have. 

“This is fully funded by me. I ain’t go get no help, I ain’t got no partners, I ain’t got no bank that came and did all this shit,” the 47-year-old explained. “And y’all have to offer something that I ain’t got. Now, you don’t know what I got. You could assume what I got.” 

And the offer needs to be fair, he added. “I’m not gonna be unreasonable, but you gotta be fair. And right now, for the time being, we gonna have fun.”

Episode three was released on Saturday, featuring Treasure Wilson, a.k.a. Stat Baby. Check out the latest episode of It Is What It Is below.


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