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Rapper Cam'ron Ordered to Pay $50K for Using Copyrighted Image On His Merch
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Cam’ron Reveals That He Doesn’t Consider Himself To Be African-American: “Africans Don’t Even F*ck With Us” [Video]

Cam’ron gives his standpoint on racial classification while revealing that he doesn’t identify as African-American.

On the season 3 premiere of his sports talk show, “It Is What It Is,” Cam spoke with co-host Ma$e about race and sports fandom. During the conversation, Cam delved into an extended monologue explaining his preference for identifying as a “Black American” rather than an “African American.”

“I’d rather fill in ‘Black’ than ‘African American’ [on I.D. forms] because Africans don’t even f*ck with us,” he stated. “[When] you go over there [to Africa], they call us ‘yankees.’ They f*ck with us, but we’re not from the Motherland. We’re from America. So I’d rather say I’m a Black American.”

Continuing his discussion, Cam drew upon the Olympics as an example to reinforce his perspective.

“When we go to the Olympics, as a country, and somebody Black is fighting from the United States, you don’t say ‘African American.’ You say ‘American.’ You don’t even put a color on it,” Cam further explained. “It’s an American fighter… You’re known in the Olympics as an American. It doesn’t matter what color you are…”

He added, “The point is, they don’t categorize it when it’s world competition, but when it’s other sh*t, it needs to be categorized. So I consider myself a Black American. I don’t consider myself an African American.”

Nevertheless, Cam did give a shoutout to “all my n*ggas in Africa,” despite his race views.

“Much love,” he said. “But y’all don’t consider us real Africans. Y’all don’t!”

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