Cam’Ron Reveals He Was Supposed To Have A Role In ‘Uncut Gems’; Claims Directors Tried To Give Him Bogus Role With No Credit

Uncut Gems, starring Adam Sandler, was one of the most talked-about films closing out 2019.

Now, in a recent Instagram post, rapper Cam’Ron reveals he was supposed to have a role in the film.

In fact, not only was he supposed to be in the film, but he said that Jonah Hill was also supposed to star as opposed to Sandler.

“Thanks, #Izzyaviannes,” he wrote in the caption before he tagged Josh Safdie, one half of the ’Uncut Gems’ directing duo. “Then tried to give me a sucker ass role. When they told me it was supposed to be me and @jonahhill starring in it before @adamsandler got on board (uncut Jems), then didn’t even give me a thank you in the credits.”

In the shared clip, Cam’Ron’s jeweler Izzy and Joseph Aranbayev of Avianne & Co. explained that Josh and Benny Safdie, went with the rapper to shadow the jeweler and see how things would go for the film. However, after providing much of the jewelry for the film, neither Cam’Ron, Izzy, or Joseph appeared in the film.

Although the Safdie brothers didn’t do business the way Cam’Ron and Izzy would have liked, he still explained that Josh Safdie is his “guy.”

“@booger_nose is still my guy,” he continued. “But this needed to be said. And talk about my consultant fee lol.. Love and congrats.”


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