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Can You Bring Wrapped Gifts on the Plane? TSA Shares Tips On How to Keep Your Holiday Presents From Getting Unwrapped at the Security Gate

If you’re catching a flight this holiday season and happen to be bringing along (wrapped) gifts, take heed of these tips so TSA agents do not unwrap them.

Traveling with gifts already wrapped seems logical. However, travelers risk having them unwrapped and inspected if the item is flagged during the screening process. That means a lot of time wasted—the gift wrapping, and now the added delay as security agents unwraps and checks the gift.

This goes for both carry-on items and checked bags, both are subject to inspection and not being wrapped back.

One way to see that this doesn’t happen is to mail gifts ahead of the holiday. The TSA suggests travelers send packages via mail to recipients. Or if that’s not an option, use gift bags instead of wrapping paper, Travel + Leisure reported.

Check the TSA prohibited items list. Even though it’s Christmas, that doesn’t change the agency’s policies. For example: for travelers flying with an alcoholic beverage, the bottle still has to be less or equal to 3.4oz if it’s a carry-on. If it’s more than that, it’ll have to be checked. However, it can’t contain more than 70% alcohol (over 140 proof) either way.

The agency also advises travelers to be careful with liquids and foods. To prevent spills, the TSA says travelers should package the item correctly. If possible, they suggest purchasing or making the item when you arrive at your destination.

Lastly, if you’re traveling abroad, check to see what’s permitted under customs guidelines to help save time.

Safe travels and happy holidays.

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