Canadian Government To Pay Families Of Ukrainian Plane Crash Victims

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced Canada will compensate families of the victims of the Ukraine Airlines plane crash.

According to the BBC, fifty-seven Canadian nationals were on the plane when it was hit by an Iranian air defense missile earlier this month. Now, the recently announced funds will assist families of victims who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents in covering related costs.

Trudeau said families would receive 25,000 CAD ($19,000 USD) per victim, calling it a “first step.”

“This is a unique and unprecedented situation because of the international sanctions place in Iran, and the difficulties that impose on these families,” the prime minister said on Friday.

In addition, Trudeau said Canada still expects Iran to compensate the victims’ families for their loss financially. He also said the Canadian victims’ families had requested the remains be returned and that the first of those remains are expected to be returned to Canada in the next few days.

Justin Trudeau Opens Up About IRan Flight
(Photo by Creative Touch Imaging Ltd./NurPhoto via Getty Images)

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