Canadian Model Says Kanye Cheated On Kim K With Her

Kanye West is expecting his first child with girlfriend and reality television star Kim Kardashian in just a month but according to one model from Montreal, Kanye has been less than faithful.

Leyla Ghobadi, a 24 year old model from Canada, tells STAR that not only has Kanye been cheating with her, she says that he also confided with her that he is only with Kim Kardashian for his career.

Ghobadi recounts the entire July 2012 meeting to STAR Magazine. She says when she initially met Kanye it was at Kanye’s show at the Revel’s Ovation Hall in Atlantic City. The G.O.O.D Music rapper spotted her dancing in the crowd and had a member of his entourage bring her backstage (even though Kim was also at the show). After the show the two went to AC’s HQ Nightclub for cocktails. Soon after the rapper asked her to come back to the hotel with him, in which Leyla Ghobadi says she declined. Ghobadi then says the rapper gave her tickets for the next night’s show. When she attended the show and asked Kanye about Kim, Ghobadi tells STAR that Kanye said that his relationship with Kim was nothing serious and just for publicity.

Ghobadi admits that night she did finally accompany Kanye to his hotel room where the two were intimate. “We began to make out for a while and next thing I knew, we were both naked and having sex,” she told Star, adding that a second meeting in October — while Kim was already pregnant with his child — took place in New York, while Kim was in South Florida. Ghobadi claims that once she found out that Kim was obviously pregnant she refused Kanye’s further advances,  “I would never do that to someone.”

She also added, “‘If I was Kim and about to have a baby, I’d want to know”

I’m not saying it’s true or it’s not but if it’s true I have two things to say. Kanye definitely has a type, for one and secondly, Karma is a bish. 

Source: Radar

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