Canadian School Defends Trans Teacher With Very Large Breast Implants; Critics Call Teacher's Appearance 'Sexist'
Viral Trans teacher

Canadian School Defends Trans Teacher With Very Large Breast Implants; Critics Call Teacher’s Appearance ‘Sexist’ [Video]

A Canadian school is standing behind a transgender teacher who gained attention online from her enormous breast implants.

A video showing a transgender teacher with very large breast implants went viral this week, and it’s raising attention from concerned folks who call the teacher’s appearance “clownish” and “sexist.”

In the video, the transwoman can be seen wearing a short, tight-fitted skirt and pink form-fitting shirt. The video was uploaded by one of the students seemingly while the teacher was instructing the class.

“It’s clownish,” said Sunira Chaudhrym, an employment lawyer at, in an interview with the Toronto Sun. “It seems sexist to me because of the exaggerated nature of these breasts with nipples protruding. I think a lot of young women at the school wouldn’t just feel uncomfortable, they’d feel mocked.”

Chaudhrym mentioned that if the trans teacher weren’t trans, her appearance would be shamed, ABC 15 reports.

The Halton District School Board is standing behind the teacher, saying they intend to protect “gender rights.” It added that the teacher’s students “all the kids really love being in the class.”

Viral Trans teacher
Viral Trans teacher



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  1. Seems more like this person is begging for the school to do something so they can file a lawsuit.

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