Canadian Weed Sales Surged In March When The Coronavirus Began To Spread Worldwide 

Back in March, the novel coronavirus began to spread worldwide.

As a result, people went to the stores to panic-shop, stocking up on necessities as a way to prepare for the worst.

As Americans dealt with Lysol and toilet paper shortages from the increase in sales, Canadians were reportedly stocking up on weed.

During March, sales for the drug shot up 19% in Canada, accumulating approximately $181 million in total, Statistics Canada reports.

As businesses worldwide began to close down in order to stop the spread of COVID-19, cannabis shops and liquor stores were amongst a group of stores deemed essential.

Coming in first place, selling the most weed during March in Canada, was Ontario selling $47 million worth, with less than 100 dispensaries.

Alberta was the next province on the list, selling $40 million worth of product across its 400 stores.

In third place was Quebec, which sold $37 million worth of marijuana to its loyal customers. Quebec also saw the biggest increase in sales, which were reportedly up 27 percent from making $29 million the previous month.

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