Canadian Wildfires Negatively Impacting Air Quality In Several Northeast Cities Like New York, Philly, and DC

Canadian Wildfires Negatively Impacting Air Quality In Several Northeast Cities Like New York, Philly, and DC

Environmental officials reported that smoke from wildfires in Canada has negatively impacted the air quality in several areas of the Northeast.

The majority of New York State has an air quality health advisory in place on Tuesday, according to the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

Other regions in the New York Metropolitan area like Lower Hudson Valley, Upper Hudson Valley, Adirondacks, Eastern Lake Ontario, and Central have been deemed “unhealthy for sensitive groups.”

The air quality is anticipated to slowly improve overnight and into Wednesday morning but to deteriorate once more Wednesday afternoon and evening, according to a statement from New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

Adams has advised New Yorkers to restrict their outdoor activities on Wednesday, adding that children, the elderly, and people with respiratory or heart issues may be “especially sensitive” and should “avoid outdoor activities during this time.”

In addition to New York, air quality warnings are also in effect in Maryland, St. Louis, Philadelphia, and Delaware.

According to the National Weather Service, more than 100 wildfires continue to rage in Quebec and Ottawa across the Canadian border, the air quality has declined. Until at least Wednesday, strong winds are expected to move heavy smoke into the Northeast.

“Raging wildfires in Quebec are generating large smoke plumes to the north and ALL of the smoke is being funneled right into the Northeast,” NWS Mount Holly tweeted. “Unfortunately, more smoke is on the way for tonight and Wednesday.”

People in the Northeast have been advised by the National Weather Service to check the local air quality before going outside.

“Air quality has plummeted across much of the northeast as smoke from wildfires in Canada moves south,” NWS tweeted. “Poor air quality can be hazardous. Before spending time outdoors, check the air quality forecast. Make sure you aren’t doing yourself more harm than good.”

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