If You Say “Canceled Clown” Three Times In Front Of Burger King Bathroom Mirror, Ronald McDonald Will Appear

In Scandinavia, if you say “canceled clown” three times in front of a mirror in a Burger King bathroom, the lights will dim, and Ronald McDonald will appear.

The special effect is part of Burger King’s Halloween campaign in Sweden and Denmark thanks to new voice-recognition software.

“A few years ago, a particular clown got abruptly ‘canceled’ from his long-standing job at a certain hamburger chain,” Burger King said. “But this Halloween he is back – at Burger King restrooms.”

The software is trained to listen to the phrase “canceled clown” If it hears it three times, it dims the lights and projects the image of the fast-food chain’s rival behind a two-way smart mirror.

“If you do dare to summon him, it might be worth your while,” Burger King said.

The campaign is based off the Bloody Mary urban legend but with a twist to taunt its rival McDonald’s.




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