Covid Vaccine Makers Say That A Cancer Vaccine Could Become a Reality Within The Next 10 Years

Covid Vaccine Makers Say That A Cancer Vaccine Could Become a Reality Within The Next 10 Years

A vaccine for Cancer could become a reality within the next ten years.

The husband and wife duo, Professors Ugur Sahin and Ozlem Tureci, co-founders of BioNTech, have developed an innovative messenger RNA [mRNA] technology that they believe may one day be used to treat various types of cancers.

According to Sahin, a cancer vaccine might be widely accessible “before 2030.”

The vaccine has already undergone several trials since before the pandemic and has shown promise.
During the pandemic, BioNTech developed a vaccine against COVID-19 using its mRNA technology in partnership with Pfizer.
Using the proven success of the mRNA vaccine against Coronavirus, the couple hopes to treat cancers like melanoma, bowel cancer, etc.

“What we have developed over decades for cancer vaccine development has been the tailwind for developing the COVID-19 vaccine, and now the Covid-19 vaccine and our experience in developing it gives back to our cancer work,” Tureci said.

“mRNA acts as a blueprint and allows you to tell the body to produce the drug or the vaccine … and when you use mRNA as a vaccine, the mRNA is a blueprint for the ‘wanted poster’ of the enemy — in this case, cancer antigens which distinguish cancer cells from normal cells.”

With each trial, researchers learn more about how to fight Cancer as the vaccine comes closer to being a “cure” for the disease.

“Every step, every patient we treat in our cancer trials, helps us to find out more about what we are against and how to address that,” said Tureci, BioNTech’s chief medical officer.

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