Capitol Rioter Demands Court Pay Him Millions So He Could Represent Himself

One of the Capitol rioters is asking the court to cover the costs for him defending himself after he fired his public defender.

Eric Bochene believes the court should pay him all of the money he says would be dished out for court fees and payments to his public defender. The 49-year-old requests $10,000 per 30-minute court appearance or $50,000 if the appearance is “under duress.” He is also seeking $500 for each hour of research or $50,000 under duress. He also wants $6 million if he feels there was an attempt to forge a signature or $5 million if the court forces him to submit “bodily fluids.” Last Thursday, a judge allowed him to terminate his court-appointed counsel during a virtual hearing, but no ruling has been made on his outlandish monetary demands.

“I don’t think there’s any evidence that a man can be forced to labor and spend time without compensation. I’m representing myself, so a lot of work gets put into this,” Bochene told The Post-Standard.

Bochene has been charged with violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds and unlawfully entering a restricted building or grounds. However, he says that he was only inside the Capitol on January 6th as an independent journalist despite WeChat messages showing his support for former President Trump and claims that the election was stolen.

Bochene remains free on bond and says he is unsure if he will show up to future hearings if the courts do not give him millions in payment. Public defender John Gilsenan is his standby counsel.

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