Cardi B And Hennessy Being Sued Over “Racist MAGA Supporters” Comments

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Cardi B and her sister Hennessy Carolina are getting sued after labeling a group of individuals as “racist MAGA supporters.”

According to the lawsuit, Peter and Pauline Caliendo, and Manuel Alarcon, are suing the rapper, her sister, and her sister’s girlfriend, Michelle Diaz, over comments that they claim labeled them as racist during an altercation in the Hamptons earlier this month.

In documents obtained by TMZ, the plaintiff’s claim they were having a good time at Smith Point Beach when Hennessy approached them with alarming behavior. They say that Hennessy came over to them with rage and started spitting, insulting, and threatening them just because they were wearing a MAGA hat.

Cardi B tweeted the video of the altercation and said that her sister was being harassed because she and her girlfriend are an Afro-Hispanic lesbian couple.

The plaintiff’s claim that Cardi B, her sister, and Michelle edited the video to falsely accuse them of being racist. In the video posted by Cardi, you can hear Hennessy saying that someone in the group had told her to go back to her country.

According to Hennessy, they were targeted because they “saw us parking here, and we started speaking Spanish, and we’re mixed.”

Cardi B and Hennesy

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