Cardi B Apologizes For Promoting Armenia Fundraiser After Backlash: “I Don’t Support Terrorism”

#Cardibsupportsterrorism has gone viral after the posted a virtual fundraiser flyer for Armenia on her Instagram story. Unfortunately, as Cardi B stated, she didn’t do her research.

Cardi B Armenia

Armenia is currently in the middle of one of its most serious battles with Azerbaijan. The fight over the Nagorno-Karabakh territory has lead to military action resulting in the deaths of hundreds of citizens. International leaders are calling for the two countries to ceasefire.

Looks like Cardi B is in the middle of a heated situation. The Bronx rapper is being accused of taking Armenia’s Side. She quickly took to twitter to apologize and explain her side of the story. Cardi claims that she was asked to post the flyer by a realtor who was assisting her and Offset sell their properties.

“ I wake up and I see a lot of people from Azerbaijan writing me, I did not know that this is a war between two countries.” She continued: “This is a bad year, I hope that both of the countries can just be at peace. I’m not picking sides, I love both countries. I’m sorry if I offended anyone.”

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