Cardi B Being Sued For Allegedly Assaulting & Spitting On a Security Guard In L.A.; Witnesses Claim Cardi B Was Actually The Victim

Cardi B is engulfed in a heated lawsuit with a woman who claims she was physically assaulted and spit on by the rapper while she was working security in February of 2018.

According to TMZ, the accuser, Emani Ellis, filed the lawsuit against Cardi on Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court. She details in the court docs how the New York raptress viciously struck her in the head, face, and body and ultimately spit on her and used racial slurs during the incident, which took place inside of a medical building.

However, eyewitnesses are now coming forward to defend the Bardi Gang Leader, saying that Cardi was actually the victim in the incident, not Ellis.

Several witnesses, who were present during the alleged attack, claim that Cardi had just left an appointment when Ellis approached her, trying to record. Cardi would have been about four months pregnant with her daughter, Kulture, although that information was not made public at the time. Sources told TMZ that Cardi asked Ellis to stop because she did not want to be recorded in a doctor’s office, which would have risked news of her pregnancy being leaked. Allegedly, this upset Ellis, and the two began a verbal argument.

Witnesses claim that while staff did intervene, the situation was de-escalated before it ever got physical, and Cardi did not use racial slurs when addressing Ellis.

The court docs claim that Cardi “used her celebrity status to get Ellis fired from her job as a security guard.” A representative for the medical building refutes these claims, revealing to TMZ that it was, in fact, Cardi’s doctor and patient coordinator who were responsible for the guard losing her job. Both parties felt that Ellis violated Cardi’s privacy.

Cardi B nor her reps have commented on the lawsuit.

Cardi B Sued
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