Cardi B, Yo Gotti, French Montana and More Sued For Using ”Choppa Style” Beat Without Paying

 Written by @saywooord

Some of your favorite rappers are in a bit of trouble after allegedly jacking DJ JMK’s beat without paying the man his money. 

DJ JMK, whose real name is Kirk Edwards, is suing Cardi B, Yo Gotti, French Montana, City Girls, and Master P for using the “Choppa Style” beat without giving proper credit or paying, according to TMZ.

JMK says he recorded the song in November of 2000 and has since played it with every DJ set he has had. He says all of the artists mentioned have essentially misappropriated many recognizable and key protected elements when sampling the song, and he believes he should have gotten paid for each sample. However, he says he hasn’t seen any cash since. 

Cardi B and City Girls most recently used the sample with their hit, “Twerk,” while Yo Gotti and French Montana reportedly used the song in 2017 with their song, “Oh Yeah.”

He is now suing for copyright infringement for an unspecified amount.

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