Cardi B Gets Harassed In Australia Airport, Her Publicist Steps Into Action

Cardi B didn’t quite get the welcome into #Australia that she may have expected this weekend. 

The “Money” rapper flew into Australia ahead of her Western Australia and Sydney shows and was bombarded with paparazzi, fans and racists as she quietly made her way through the airport, covered in a blanket.

In the first incident, which Cardi addressed in her recent IG Live stream, a photographer harassed her entourage when security tried to protect her from photos. The man shouted, “It’s my country. Our rules, not yours. Let’s be clear on that.” He then commented on Cardi‘s decision to cover her face with a blanket and shouted, “Why the blanket? It’s hot here. Are you having an identity crisis?”

Moments later and further down the terminal, Cardi was next met by a fan asking to take a photo with the star. As she also explained in her live video, she was not in the best physical appearance or mood to take pictures. But the fan didn’t get the hint and immediately threw shade, stating “No wonder your husband left you.”

But in her natural fashion, Cardi’s publicist, Patience, came to her defense and got the disrespectful fan all the way together. 

Cardi B spoke about how people will play the victim after provoking others. And by the reaction the lady had when she was confronted by Patience, it proves extremely true in this situation as well as many others.

What do you guys think? How would you have handled this confrontation?


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