Cardi B Opens Up About Her Own #MeToo Incident, And Slams Critics Who Say She’s Lying For Sympathy

Cardi B is clapping back at critics who are saying that she’s seeking sympathy after she revealed on a preview of the premiere episode of WE TV’s ’Untold Stories of Hip Hop,’ that she was involved in a #MeToo experience of her own.

The ’Be Careful’ rapper shared with Angie Martinez, who’s the show’s host and executive producer, that a photographer for a magazine that she wanted to work with, pulled out his penis during a session and when she told the owner of the magazine, he didn’t care. “He just looked at me like, ‘So? And?,” she said.

After the preview went viral, #Cardi took to Instagram to blast her critics, asking, “Lie about what? What I got to lie about? That a nigga was trying to finesse me out of my pu—y? A nigga tried to finesse me out my pu–y, it’s a fact. I really wanted to be in this magazine, and this nigga pulled his f–kin d–k out. What I got to lie about that? That shit happens, this real life shit.”

The rapper continued by saying, “Before these b–ches go under the comments saying I’m lying, I’m looking for sympathy… man, have you ever seen Cardi B cry? If I’m looking for sympathy… have you ever seen Cardi shed a tear? The only person who could make me shed a tear is my mothaf—-n daughter b—ch… I’m just a gangsta and gangsta’s go through a lot of hard shit.”

The gangsta rapper went on to explain that in the music industry, men trying to use their power to take advantage of women looking for their next big opportunity is a common thing. She said, “To be in big artist’s music video, there’s always like a middleman, and those middlemen be trying to take advantage of you… They be trynna make you sleep with them to get a scene on a big music video.”

Cardi also shared that for women like herself, who didn’t go the traditional college or 9-5 route in life, it’s easy to get caught up in the glamorous life, but she had to learn that things aren’t always what they appear to be. “We be seeing bitches that be coming around and they so glamorous, and I wanted to be that. But I learned the hard way… that it ain’t like that. That a lot of niggas is going to try to finesse you out of that p—sy, that’s real life shit. And Cardi’s gonna tell you that.”

Untold Stories of Hip Hop premieres Thursday (Sept 26) at 10:00 PM EST on We TV.

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