Cardi B Partners With Beats By Dre To Promote The Company's New Noise-Cancelling Earphones [Video]

Cardi B Partners With Beats By Dre To Promote The Company’s New Noise-Cancelling Earphones [Video]

Beats by Dre has partnered with Cardi B to unveil their cutting-edge Beats Studio Buds + earphones in a new commercial.

On Wednesday, Beats launched a 41-second advertisement featuring the sensational Bronx rapper. The ad, accompanied by Cardi’s chart-topping 2021 hit “Up,” showcased the brand’s latest offering.

The commercial begins with Cardi receiving a phone call to arrange a studio session to highlight the exceptional “clearer calls” feature of the Beats Studio Buds. She then gets lost in her own world as she visits the bodega, enjoying the earphones’ noise-canceling capability.

“As our fastest-selling product ever since its launch. Beats Studio Buds + are beloved earphones for so many people around the world and we’re thrilled to be taking them to the next level,” Beats and Apple Music VP Oliver Schusser says.

Schusser added, “With beautiful new colors to choose from and vast improvements to Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency, call performance and battery life. Beats Studio Buds + deliver an unmatched combination of fashion and function for both iOS and Android consumers.”

Additionally, Cardi shared the ad to Instagram and received enthusiastic support from her fanbase, who praised her for securing yet another profitable partnership with a major corporation.

“Sis hasn’t released music in almost a year and 1 album out. And still getting her bag idk queen behavior,” one fan wrote.

Nevertheless, the earbuds are available in three color options, namely Black/Gold, Ivory, and Transparent. Currently, the earbuds on sale at a discounted price of $169.99 on the Beats website.

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