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Cardi B Responds To “Bandwagon Haters” After “Big Paper” Track Drops: “Yes, I Wrote The Record!”

Cardi B is calling out the “bandwagon haters” who have something to say about her track “Big Paper.”

On Tuesday, DJ Khaled dropped his twelfth studio album titled “Khaled Khaled.” The body of work features several mainstream artists, including H.E.R., Megan Thee Stallion, Jay-Z, and more. The third track is titled “Big Paper” featuring Cardi B. For some time, the New York native had been open about using writers for some of her biggest hits. But now, she’s letting the world know that her words on “Big Paper” were all her.

“Literally I didn’t thought I was gonna make the record, I got the beat before yesterday — and YES, I wrote the record, ha!”, she said during an Instagram live. Cardi also explained that it took her two days to write the verse because she is sometimes self-conscious about her accent and wanted to sound good on the song.

“I like to sound really good because one thing I’ve been insecure about is my accent. I have a really big accent and my pronunciation…”, she added.

The 28-year-old celeb went on to say that people were hopping on a “bandwagon” of “hate” toward her after she announced that she wrote the song by herself.

“That always happens on all the blog comments it could be music, fashion, my lives it don’t matter. It’s bandwagon hate in the comments by now. But guess what? CARDI THIS CARDI THAT MAKE ME MORE FAMOUS!”, she tweeted in response to someone who said people were commenting on her verse on a news outlet.



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  1. And it was trash..we can tell she wrote it..shits all of was bad just let them keep writing your raps cause it shows u can’t rap

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