Cardi B Speaks On Bernie Sanders And Jay-Z's NFL Partnership

Cardi B Speaks On Bernie Sanders And Jay-Z’s NFL Partnership: “I Feel Like He Didn’t Just Do a NFL Deal Without an Agreement”

Cardi B stopped for a few words with TMZ this weekend as she left the Bryant Park Hotel, celebrating journalist Jason Lee’s birthday with Wendy Williams, and she didn’t hesitate to share her thoughts on two major figures in the media right now– Bernie Sanders and Jay-Z.

The “Press” rapper is still riding high from her thought-provoking interview with the presidential candidate. However, despite the successful conversation, Cardi says her mouth is “too slick” for a actual talk show. “People be twisting my words so you know I can’t have a talk show,” she said when asked if she’s considered the idea.

She was then asked about Jay-Z, who’s catching a lot of heat for partnering with the NFL, post-Kaepernick. Cardi revealed her point of view, saying she believes he’ll change the culture in the League and might even get Colin Kaepernick a quarterback job again.

“I think that he could make a change,” she said. ”I feel like he didn’t just do a NFL deal without an agreement…I feel like he went in there like ‘If you guys want me to work with y’all, y’all need to bring my people in there. Y’all need to do things my way. And I feel like he’s gonna change it.”

Do you agree with Cardi’s optimism, or do you think Jay is making a mere money move?

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