Cardi B Speaks On Ghostwriters Amid City Girls ‘Act Up’ Debate: “Y’all B*tches Be Hating”

Ever since it was revealed that Lil Yachty wrote most of City Girls’ now-platinum-selling summer smash, “Act Up,” there’s been heavy debate about female rappers and ghostwriting. As if we didn’t learn enough about ghostwriting a few years ago with the Drake, the debate is still on…and Cardi B isn’t here for the City Girls slander.

Yung Miami, one half of the City Girls duo, recently took to Instagram to express her frustration with people talking about her rapping Yachty’s lyrics. She posted, “A HIT IS A HIT!!! Some of y’all h**es need writers PERIODT”. But, when a commenter stated fellow group member, JT was the real force behind the group, Miami replied, “And you still know my sh** word for word NEXT.”

Shortly thereafter, Texas rapper Asian Da Doll hopped on Twitter to proclaim that she and #MeganTheeStallion write their own songs, tweeting “We be writing our shit #theestallion.” She then tweeted a disclaimer to those who were saying her tweet was subliminal. “If I’m talking about anybody I’ll put a date name & address on it wtf do me saying I write my shit gotta do with anybody…. everybody who write they music love saying they write they music if you get offended that’s on YOU I love bragging on myself idgaf,” she wrote. 

After all of that, Megan Thee Stallion simply replied via Instagram, “I mind my business, make my money, and support everyone. I ain’t in no drama”, which in Layman’s Terms means my name is Bennett and I ain’t in it. 

Then finally to put it all to rest, Cardi B addressed the issue on Instagram Live and went in on critics with some true facts. Cardi said, “I bet you rap that whole f**king song with your whole motherf**king heart, b**ch!” 

Cardi has been supportive of her QC labelmates from the beginning and has also dealt with ghostwriting accusations in the past. She said regardless of who wrote it, the ladies with men issues are the main ones rapping along to the summer anthem, with the City Girls accent and all. “I bet you use they accent though! You not using Lil Yachty accent, you using they accent! The f**k! Y’all be singing that song with y’all whole f**king chest. Y’all b**ches be hating.”

Just know that if you come for the City Girls, Cardi B will come for you!

Cardi Defends Yung MIami

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