Cardi B Supports Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Cardi B Supports Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Cardi B took to Twitter to remind people that April is sexual assault awareness month and not carry shame if the person has been sexually assaulted.

She tweets, “Before April is over, don’t forget it’s sexual assault awareness month, no means no! It’s doesn’t matter what you wear, it doesn’t matter who you are, male or female. For anyone going through this, the shame is not yours to carry…it’s the monsters who do this. SAAM2022 💜 .”

The rapper added another tweet minutes after.

Also parents we can’t forget our children. There are sick people everywhere, daycare, schools, you name it. Make sure you teach them from a early age, no one is to touch your private parts & never be afraid to tell mommy & daddy when someone makes you uncomfortable. #SAAM2022

Then she retweeted another person’s tweet about the month, “Also teach them secrets are not good, no matter how small. Sadly fam/friends can tell them its our secret abs since they close they think its ok, no secrets ever!! Also make sure u dont use that word either w them so they know secrets are bad and be told.” Cardi responded to the tweet with, “Yeup.”

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