Cardi B Accuses Tasha K of Having Hidden Offshore Accounts
Tasha K and Cardi B (Instagram/Getty)

Cardi B To Seize Another $640 From Tasha K’s YouTube Earnings

Cardi B just landed another $640 from Tasha K as she continues to collect on her defamation lawsuit win

Last week, a judge signed off on an order allowing Tasha’s property to be seized in order to pay the $3,868,753.47 owed to the “Bodak Yellow” star. In October 2022, Cardi won her lawsuit against the viral vlogger, who falsely accused the rapper of having an STD and being a drug abuser. If you recall, Cardi confirmed she tried to work out the matter offline, but Tasha refused to retract her claims. Now, Tasha must fork over her YouTube earnings to Cardi, even the most minuscule amounts she makes. 

Cardi recently served Google, the owner of YouTube, with documents to determine if Tasha had any advertising money owed to her. A Google representative confirmed Tasha has $9,340 owed to her, which Cardi moved to seize. Now an additional $640 is coming her way from Tasha’s advertising dollars. That money stems from her popular YouTube gossip show, “Unwine With Tasha K.”

Though Tasha has not commented on this latest pocket-pinching, when Cardi first moved to snatch her internet earnings, Tasha shared a list of her bills and said she didn’t have enough to pay the rapper. 

“I know you need that cause work is slow for all of us right now, but right now, I ain’t got it!” she wrote in a tweet before adding that after she pays her $111,000 tax bill, the rapper will have “first dibs” on the money, 

There have been talks of Cardi taking possession of Tasha’s home, though it remains unclear if the Grammy winner is still considering this. 

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  1. I’d take everything and anything I could only because she keeps talking out the side of her neck. Some people need to learn when to shut up frfr 💯 #takeitall

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