Fan Who Was Hit By Cardi B’s Microphone Files Battery Police Report
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Cardi B Wins Jury Trial Against A Man Who Claimed She Misused His Artwork For Her 2016 ‘Gangster B*tch Music Vol.1’ Mixtape Cover

Cardi B wins her copyright infringement lawsuit involving a man who was suing her for using his artwork on her mixtape cover.

On Friday, a judge sided with Cardi and ruled that Kevin Brophy not prove Cardi misappropriated his art. Kevin filed a $5 million lawsuit against Cardi after claiming she photoshopped his back tattoos on a man featured on her 2016 mixtape cover.

After hearing the verdict, Cardi hugged her attorneys, thanked the jurors, and admitted to being “pretty nervous” about the verdict.

“I wasn’t sure if I was going to lose or not,” the rapper said after leaving the courthouse.

Cardi was swarmed by reporters, photographers, and approximately 40 high schoolers. One of the fans held up a sign, asking her to his homecoming dance. The ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper replied, “Yes, I’ll see what I can do.”

Cardi and Kevin shook hands and had a brief conversation following the verdict. The rapper says she initially had plans to curse Kevin out if she won the case but had a change of heart.

“I told myself if I win, I was going to cuss Mr. Brophy out. But I don’t have it in my heart to cuss him out,” she said.

In 2017, Kevin filed the lawsuit against Cardi one year after the ‘Gangster B*tch Music Vol. 1’ mixtape was released. Kevin claimed that the misusage of the artwork caused him “distress and humiliation.”

Cardi disputed the claims earlier this week during her testimony.

“It’s not your client’s back,” she said before pointing out that Kevin is white and the man on her cover is black.

“It’s not him,” she continued. “To me, it doesn’t look like his back at all. The tattoo was modified, which is protected by the First Amendment.”

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