Cardinals Release Darnell Dockett Days After He Tells Kids To Stay Off Drugsl & Out Of Strip Clubs

Defensive Tackle Darnell Dockett has spent the past 11 years with the Arizona Cardinals. All of that came to an end when he was cut on Friday. Dockett, who missed the entire 2014 season after tearing his ACL during training camp last August, was on the final year of his contract. His release saves the Cardinals $6.8 million in cap space. According to the Cardinals they flirted with the idea of bringing him back, but ultimately feel this is the best decision.

Their decision comes just days after Dockett gave some local kids awesome advice. “I want y’all to get a girlfriend by next week. I want y’all to say no to drugs. I don’t want y’all hanging in the strip clubs — not yet,” said Dockett in the 15 second Instagram video. Solid advice if you ask me. I highly doubt it had anything to do with the Cardinals decision, I just wanted to share his contribution to charity. You can view the video HERE.

As Dockett uses the off-season to get healthy, I’m sure he will make a great contribution to any team. We’ll continue to keep an eye out and see where he goes. 

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