Carlton Morton From ‘Love Is Blind’ Going To Therapy Amidst Backlash

Carlton Morton From ‘Love Is Blind’ Going To Therapy Amidst Backlash From Fans And Death Threats; “I Just Feel Like The World Hates Me Right Now”

Carlton Morton from the popular Netflix dating reality series Love Is Blind is facing backlash for his decision not to tell his fiancé that he was bisexual until after he popped the question.

Morton took to social media to explain what he’s been going through.

“I feel alone and don’t want any of this life anymore,” he wrote. “I’m fighting ALONE. And it HURTS.”

In another post, he revealed he’s done doing all press and explained how black lives don’t matter to people when it comes to black LGBT lives, later adding that none of his celebrity friends have been there for him.

“URBAN MEDIA has been the WORST to me,” he said. “Black lives matter until it’s an LGBT Black life. Also, so-called “celebrity” friends on social media have every opportunity to defend my CHARACTER, yet they don’t! I’ve argued for tons of people. Y’all see ANY of those people speaking up for me? I’M DONE,” he added.

According to TMZ, hours following his social media posts, a 911 phone call was made by someone from his house for a “non-life threatening injury,” and he was transported to a local hospital.

TMZ caught up with Morton outside a coffee shop in Atlanta, where he explained the hospitalization.

“I’m okay,” he responded to the reporter. “I had a very tough day, and some people apparently wanted to check on me. That’s all I can really say about it right now.”

“It’s kind of embarrassing. I just feel like the world hates me right now,” he continued.

He also admitted that he was on his way to therapy when they stopped him and explained why therapy is so important and should be more talked about and accepted in black culture.

“I’m headed to a therapist right now, to have a therapy session,” he said. “To talk about my mental health. It’s very important. I feel like therapy is everything, and it’s something that I’m the black community we don’t really talk about. So it’s very important right now, to go to those types of sessions.”

When asked if he regrets not telling Diamond, his ex-fiancé, and co-star on Love Is Blind, about his sexuality sooner, he admitted that he does.

“I do regret it now,” he answered. “I didn’t think that it would be such an issue because I felt like it was a face to face conversation. But being how I see that it has affected our story, I’m beginning to regret maybe even being apart of it because it’s just been too much.”

However, despite going through a tough time right now, Morton wants his fans to know that he’s okay and managing to push through these difficult times.

“I want them to know that I’m dealing with this the best that I can,” he said. “Obviously, every day is new; waking up to death threats in my DMs, social media comments, just feeling again like I have to rally behind myself.”

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