Carmelo Anthony Clears His Name in #SpitGate Saga, Denies Starting The Altercation

Over the weekend, LeBron James made his home debut with the Los Angeles Lakers. But, just before the game wrapped, tensions flared between NBA vets Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo, which eventually spiraled into a physical altercation and subsequent ejection.

Though initial details were unclear, videos showed the incident unfolded over mouth moisture that hit Paul’s face during the verbal dispute. While many believed it to be an accident on Rondo’s part, others believed the saliva came from Paul’s own teammate, Carmelo Anthony, which ultimately ignited a full-on brawl between the Western teams.

However, after rumors surfaced of Anthony’s alleged role in the altercation, TMZ caught up with the veteran baller to get his take on the entire ordeal.

“Stop Playin’!” the baller said, as he left Catch in L.A. on Sunday. “I don’t got nothing to say about that.”

The incident resulted in multiple suspensions for all parties involved. However, according to Anthony, the Rockets “lucked up” since the Lakers lost two of their starters for at least three games, while Chris Paul only received a two-game suspension.

Paul will be back in the starting line up on Friday.

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