Carmelo Anthony Talks Overcoming Struggles He Faced Growing Up and Joining the Lakers

Carmelo Anthony appeared on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah Tuesday to promote his memoir “Where Tomorrows Aren’t Promised.”

The focus of the conversation was mainly on Anthony and his new book, but it soon shifted to his new NBA chapter with the Los Angeles Lakers.

During the interview, Anthony shared how the memoir was more about his life and growing up in the Red Hook, New York, and Baltimore projects.

Anthony said, “that was the story that I always wanted to tell.”

Trevor responded, “When you read this book, Where Tomorrows Aren’t Promised, I think the title couldn’t be more perfect because that is Carmelo’s journey. You grew up in a world where there is no tomorrow that is promised. No. None.”

Trevor then asked Melo if he had a chance to reflect on what he wrote. He said, “When you were writing the book, and you’re telling us of the story and the world you grew up in and everything that was-was…did you take a moment to realize what you’ve actually experienced to get where you’ve gotten to?”

Carmelo then said, “Not until I’ve read it. Not until I was done writing it.” He said, “And I read it because I didn’t look at it as a place of trouble or a place of harm or just…I looked at it. It was life.”

He continued, “I woke up every day, I saw the same people, went to the same food spots, hung on the same block, the same neighborhood, went to the same school.” He added, “That was my life every single day. So I didn’t look at it as it was difficult. Like, it was just life. We had to deal with life. We were going through life.”

The interview continued with Carmelo opening up some of the tragedies and struggles he faced and how he didn’t believe that basketball was his savior as a boy from the projects.

Carmelo then went on to discuss how he went on a journey to find himself at 37. He said, “I’m 37 years old, and I just started over the past couple of years to look and search for that peace.”

Trevor said, “maybe one of the most anticipated parts of your career, which is crazy at 37, you know? Because you are joining the Lakers.”

He asked Carmelo, “Why did you say yes? Why did you think that this would be different? And what are you hoping to achieve? Is there something you’re trying to prove, or are you just in a different state of mind going into this next season?”

Carmelo responded, “There’s nothing that I’m trying to prove. If I wouldn’t have picked L.A., I’d have been at peace walking away from the game, knowing that I gave it everything I could and I still couldn’t win a championship.” He added, “I would have been at peace with that. I’d have been good. But now that I’m in the Lakers, I can’t be at peace without winning a championship.”


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