Carole Baskin Sued By Missing Husband’s Family After She Jokes About Ex’s Disappearance

The family of Carole Baskin’s missing ex-husband isn’t happy about Baskin’s jokes about his disappearance.

Ever since Tiger King dropped on Netflix, people have been wondering what exactly happened to Baskin’s ex-husband Don Lewis. For those who haven’t seen the documentary series, Baskin claims that her husband took a plane off into nowhere and never returned. However, critics believe Baskin fed Lewis to the tigers she keeps at her Big Cat Rescue. Things seemed even more sketchy when it was revealed to viewers that Lewis and Baskin’s marriage license certificate was seemingly “forged” to allow the terms of their matrimony to change if death or a “disappearance” came into play.

Following the release of Tiger King, many laughed and joked about Baskin allegedly murdering her husband, but now, Baskin is joining in on the jokes, and Lewis’ family isn’t having it. Lewis’ daughters Gale, Linda, and Donna, along with Lewis’ former assistant, Anne McQueen, have filed a lawsuit against Baskin for defamation, saying the disappearance of their Lewis isn’t funny at all.

New legal documents that were obtained by TMZ state that Baskin allowed jokes about Lewis’ death while on “Dancing with the Stars” after judges brought up TikTok videos that referenced Baskin allegedly murdering Lewis. Lewis’ former assistant says Baskin should have condemned the jokes and specifically says it was inappropriate to use the words “sedated” and “kill” when discussing Lewis’ circumstance. In addition, not only was she allegedly complicit with jokes about Lewis on DWTS, the family points out that she went along with jokes during her interview on “Good Morning America” when she promised to “really kill it next week.”

Anne and Baskin have previously duked it out in court back in 1988 when Baskin settled a libel and slander lawsuit from Anne for $50,000. But, the family says Baskin is continuing to spew false statements about the incident while reading her journals on social media.

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