Casanova Reflects on Loneliness in Prison: "I Am Terrified of How Loneliness Brings Me a Twisted Kind of Comfort"
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Casanova Plea For An Early Release Has Been Denied

Casanova’s recent request for compassionate release from a federal prison in New Jersey has been denied.

As reported by TMZ on Friday, a judge rejected the rapper’s request for an early release from prison, explaining that his sentence was already at the lower end of the sentencing range and that he had not yet served even 20 percent of it.

In his letter addressed to the judge, he acknowledged his involvement in the alleged crimes and emphasized his efforts to distance himself from the Gorilla Stone Nation gang. However, these actions did not lead to a favorable outcome.
The judge ruled that the rapper has not demonstrated that he is no longer a threat to the community, and as a result, his 15-year sentence will remain in effect.
Casanova was among a group of 18 individuals who faced charges in a racketeering case that encompassed various crimes, including drug trafficking and murder. His sentencing was primarily influenced by a 2018 incident in which he was accused of assaulting a woman who had filmed him at a diner.
Reportedly, the 36-year-old rapper allegedly forcefully took Niya Rucker’s cellphone and subsequently erased footage of himself that she had recorded without her consent. As a result of this incident, he faced two felony robbery charges. However, Casanova’s legal team is currently disputing these charges, arguing that the victim left the restaurant with her phone, which challenges the basis for the robbery charges.
In August, Casanova and his attorney pleaded for an early release, citing his “extraordinary acceptance of responsibility.” They argued that the legal definition of “robbery” did not align with the outcomes of his actions. While he did not deny the allegations against him, Casanova believed that the consequences he faced did not proportionately match the nature of the crime. In June, Casanova received 188 months in prison.

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