The Baller Alert Show- EP 244: Cast Discusses Tokyo Vanity's Career, Lil Durk and LeBron James

The Baller Alert Show- EP 244: Cast Discusses Tokyo Vanity’s Career, Lil Durk and LeBron James

Baller Alert, Baller Alert, Baller Alert! Welcome to another episode of The Baller Alert Show, available everywhere you get your podcast. Tokyo Vanity joined the cast to discuss Lil Durk, Chris Stokes, and LeBron James. 

“Lil Durk says he believes that Gunna is a rat, and he told, and he hates rats. Did you guys hear that on Academics?” asked Ferrari.

“He’s the first rapper to come out and express how he feels about Gunna,” said BT.

“Durk is saying what all them boys are saying behind the scenes,” said Tokyo Vanity. “At the end of the day, we really can’t say anything until king slime opens his mouth.”

“Did you guys hear that Raz B took back everything he said about Chris Stokes?” asked Ferrari.

“A lot of people saying the check cleared,” said OCT.

“I think whatever the people are saying, Chris Stokes did that,” said Su Solo.

“I gotta apologize to them because when I was a little girl, I was spreading that rumor like they told me,” said Tokyo Vanity.

Players Ball

“Do you guys know how Carmelo Anthony is? He’s retiring after 19 seasons,” said Ferrari.

“I’m sad to see him go because it’s starting to make me feel old. We’re seeing the greats go,” Said BT.

“LeBron loss, he got swept,” said OCT.

“Why are y’all saying he loss, the team loss,” said Su Solo. “Y’all put too much on this man.”

“I don’t want to see Lebron retire until his son makes it to the league,” said Tokyo Vanity.

Love Vs. Money

On this episode, the cast discussed if Queen and Clarence are together for love or money.

“I think it’s love definitely on Queen end,” said Tokyo Vanity.

The cast agreed that they believe the two are together for love.

“What I love about Queen is she put her people on. She even put Clarence on,” said OCT.

Tokyo Vanity

“A lot of people met Tokyo through that song or Love & Hip Hop. What was your vine journey like?” asked OCT.

Tokyo shared her journey of posting one video on Vine that went viral. This was the start to her influence journey. Tokyo referred to herself as “The dinosaur of influencers.”

“Instagram came out with a video, and I wanted to transfer my content,” said Tokyo.

“What brought you to Atlanta?” asked Ferrari.

“Love and Hip Hop is what made me move and stay here,” said Tokyo.

“Tell us about your time on Love & Hip Hop?” said OCT.

“I got on Love & Hip by some dudes trying to scam me,” said Tokyo.

What was going on with you getting to that point with Karlie Red?

“You mean with me popping her? Them ho*s weird,” said Tokyo Vanity.

Tokyo shared that her mom was struggling with health issues during the show. she shared that she received lots of love from fans.

“Are you in a relationship?” asked Ferrari. “Have you still never had sex before?”

“I lost my virginity July 3, 2019, on a Wednesday at 1:26 am,” said Tokyo.

“Was it everything you imagined?” asked OCT.

“I was almost 25 years old, I was in love with the person, and they were in love with me,” said Tokyo Vanity.

“Who’s your celebrity crush?” asked Ferrari.

“I do got one celebrity crush,” said Tokyo.

“Give us a hint,” said BT.

“He got dreads,” said Tokyo.

Tokyo shared that she would do reality TV again and that she enjoyed her experience on Love & Hip Hop.

“They never made me look crazy on TV because I never did any weird shit. Love the opportunity they gave me. They really helped this black girl rock for real,” said Tokyo.

 “What’s next for Tokyo Vanity? ” asked OCT.

“I want some Children,” said Tokyo. “I’m just trying to raise their blood pressure. I want a husband.”

“We’re dropping some music this year. We also dropping a product this year. It’s going to smell really good. I’m also trying to finalize a podcast real soon,” said Tokyo.

Baller Mail

“Ballers, what’s good?

My girl is a flirt, and it’s killing me. I met her that way, but now I can’t handle it. She posts her body on social media, which I don’t mind. But she replies to everybody. How do I break up with her maturely?”

“Y’all know how to say everything else. Just go tell her,” said Tokyo Vanity.

“It’s really only one or two ways to do it. Just let her know,” said Su Solo.

“She’s a ho* because she’s replying to every comment?” asked Ferrari.

“She let you know who she was. Why are you mad?” asked Tokyo.

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