The Cast of “Til Death Do Us Part” Talks Crazy First Dates, Getting Catfished and Domestic Violence at Film Premiere

The Cast of “Til Death Do Us Part” Talks Crazy First Dates, Getting Catfished and Domestic Violence at Film Premiere

j Boog

“Til Death Do Us Part,” a film about love, violence and survival is set to premiere on Friday. However, Baller Alert got a chance to kick it with the cast, just before an exclusive first look at the Chris Stokes film.

In reference to the theme of the film, BA correspondent Chance Cessna chopped it up with the cast about some of their most embarrassing first dates. In turn, former B2K member, J.Boog, divulged the time he was catfished.

“Yeah, ya boy got catfished. It’s okay, I got catchfished. But that was very embarrassing because I thought I had my game together. I thought I was catfish-less. Like, I couldn’t be catfished, but I was,” he explained. “I showed up and I was looking for the person and the person was right there, like ‘who are you looking for.’ And I was like, ‘uh, this person.’ But, it wasn’t that person.”

On the other hand, Marques Houston said he fortunately never had any crazy experiences. Lucky for him!

As the night went on, Cessna discussed another theme from the film: domestic violence. Annie Ilonzeh, who leads the film, explained that the domestic violence in the film made her hesitant upon signing on. But, after going over the script, it resonated with her, as she’s been through a similar situation.

“We mask our feelings especially our pain and these dark experiences that we’ve been through and then you blame ourselves,” Ilonzeh said. “You feel really guilty and you don’t feel worthy, you get really insecure. It’s a cycle of a horrible, emotional rollercoaster, but I went through this over a decade ago. But, you still experience the trauma and I was able to close that chapter of it with this.”

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