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Baller Alert’s Top TV Show Picks of 2023

Baller Alert's Top TV Show Picks of 2023

In the midst of a challenging writers’ strike, the television landscape of 2023 defied odds, offering viewers a diverse array of exceptional shows. From gripping post-apocalyptic narratives to compelling explorations of the rise and fall of the crack epidemic in the ’80s, these series kept audiences captivated and glued to …

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Baller Alert’s Top DJs Making Their Mark

Baller Alert's Top DJs Making Their Mark

The influence of Black artists and musicians is present throughout all aspects of American culture. Our music continues to set trends on every entertainment platform while making an impact. But when mentioning black musicians, you must also acknowledge those who help drive the culture – DJs. Throughout American history, Black …

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Baller Alert’s Top 10 Beauty Influencers

Top 10 Beauty Influencers

Instagram is full of inspiration from experts and beauty influencers alike, but there’s nothing like having representation on your social feeds. It’s essential to see people who reflect on parts of you, inspire you, and show you how to be the best version of yourself. Black beauty influencers have been …

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