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5 Celebs That Should Deactivate Their Social Media In 2022

Boosie, Lil Duval, 50 Cent

This year has been full of celebrities showing their behinds on social media. From Boosie getting his Instagram account deleted every other week to Chrissy Teigen making cyberbullying tweets. The celebs have been keeping us entertained, but here are a few who should go ahead and leave their accounts in …

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Publix Grocery Store Chain to Offer Paid Parental Leave


Publix officials have announced that they would begin offering paid parental leave to employees who are expecting a child. Starting in the new year, eligible full-time and part-time employees will be able to take time off during the first year of a child’s birth or adoption, according to the Florida-based …

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5 Things To Consider When Creating Your Own Holiday Traditions

There’s something special about repeating holiday traditions year after year. Some traditions hold great memories, like putting up a Christmas tree or taking Christmas pictures. As humans, we enjoy repetition, and having something to look forward to can increase your holiday spirit. So if you’re starting your own traditions this …

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