Three NYE Superstitions We Heard Growing Up Black

Blogged By @felicia_kid The beginning of the new year is here! New Year’s Eve brings parties, new attitudes, new goals, and for most black people, it comes with superstitions. You know all the typical childhood superstitions, right? Don’t step on a crack or you’ll break your mamas back, or don’t …

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5 Things To Do With Your Family After Christmas

Celebrate Kwanzaa

There’s always a lot of hype leading up to Christmas and then the next few days breeze by unnoticed as everyone seems to rush right into their New Year’s plans. The time leading up to the new year is an excellent opportunity to still enjoy time with family and start …

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5 Reasons You Probably Got Coal For Christmas This Year

The holiday season is among us and although it’s a time for giving, many folks won’t get what they hoped for because God (and Santa) ”don’t like ugly.” Those little indiscretions throughout the year have caught up to them now so when there’s a stocking full of coal in your …

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What To Do When You Aren’t Home For The Holidays

Whether you can’t afford it or you have to work, sometimes going home for the holidays isn’t an option. While it may be disappointing, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fulfilling and fun time on your own. 1. Link Up With People Who Also Didn’t Go Home For The …

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Adult Themed Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you are in the spirit to party. We’ve got a list of cool Christmas Party ideas that are sure to make your adult-themed Christmas soirée a hit with all your party guests. White Elephant- Perhaps the most popular of all Christmas party …

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Top Christmas Albums To Get You Through The Holidays

You know it’s not officially Christmas until you break out some of your all-time favorite Christmas albums. Music to set the mood while you wrap the presents, trim the tree, or scramble for last-minute Xmas gifts for the ones you love. Here are some of our favorite Christmas albums to …

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