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Surviving Compton: Is Michel’le Bigger Than Getting Hit?

Like most people, I eagerly rushed to the television set to watch “Surviving Compton,” the Lifetime biopic about singer Michel’le. Though I knew the film would likely highlight Michel’le’s relationship with exes Dr. Dre and Suge Knight, I hoped that we would learn more about the singer’s career, possibly teach …

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I Broke Up With My Vixen Weave

I am about to share with you the deepest insecurity that I’ve struggled with since I was 9 years old. I have been procrastinating over writing this lofty post, only because it requires the willingness from me to go deep within myself, to parts I have tried to hide for …

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Monogamous..To Be Or..Not To Be

How important is monogamy? A simple question yet the answer is anything but. In a society where infidelity is so wildly popular it seems this has become the societal norm. The sanctity of marriage has become stained because of scripted series such as Scandal. Although the epidemic of “side chicks” …

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