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McDonald’s Bringing Virtual Meals To The Metaverse

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McDonald’s is ready to sink its claws into the Metaverse by filing trademarks to open virtual restaurants. On February 4th, the fast-food chain filed ten trademark applications covering McDonald’s and McCafe. The company plans to present “virtual food and beverage products,” including NFTs. One of their virtual offerings will be …

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Warner Music Group is Launching a Metaverse Concert Hall

The Sandbox metaverse

Warner Music Group is planning on hosting virtual concerts within the metaverse. On Thursday, the company announced its partnership with the upcoming Ethereum game The Sandbox to open a music-themed area within the shared online game world. The major record label will use its virtual land plots in the game …

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Nike Files Trademarks Indicating A Digital Line Is On The Way


Sneaker giant Nike has filed multiple trademarks indicating the company will add a virtual line of products, such as sneakers, clothes, and accessories. Nike is also reportedly hiring virtual designers.  The company filed seven trademarks in all, including “Nike,” “Jordan,” “Air Jordan,” and “Just Do It.” Trademarks for The brand’s famous swoosh …

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Facebook Changes its Name to ‘Meta’

Meta Now Prohibiting Employees from Discussing Abortion at Work

Tech giant Facebook has renamed itself, Meta. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Thursday that the company is rebranding itself in order to encompass its virtual-reality vision for the future. “From now on we are going to be Metaverse first, not Facebook,” Zuckerberg said during a keynote address at the company’s annual developer’s …

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