The Education Department Announces Sweeping Changes to Public Servant Loan Forgiveness Program

The Education Department announced Wednesday that significant changes are coming to the Public Servant Loan Forgiveness program. The government estimated that 22,000 borrowers would immediately be debt-free, while another 27,000 might be eligible.  The loan program was developed in 2007 to forgive federal student loan debt incurred by public servants after making 10 …

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Family of Texas High School Shooter Claim He Was Bullied

Timothy George Simpkins

The family of a teenage boy who allegedly shot and injured four people at a Texas high school claim the 18-year-old brought the weapon to school for protection because he was the victim of bullying. The suspect, identified as Timothy George Simpkins, was charged with three counts of aggravated assault …

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Maryland Man Charged in 3 Murders, Killed Pharmacist Brother for Administering Covid-19 Vaccines

jeffrey burnham

A Maryland man has been charged with the murders of his brother, sister-in-law, and another woman. Police believe the accused killer, Jeffery Burnham, targeted the individuals because his brother, a pharmacist, was administering COVID-19 vaccines. Court documents say that 46-year-old Burnham “wanted to confront” his brother about “the government poisoning people …

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