Consequence Reveals He Has Been Diagnosed With Lupus; Thanks Kanye West And Kim Kardashian For Helping Him Find The Right Doctors

Kanye West and Consequence

Rapper Consequence has revealed that he has been diagnosed with Lupus.  Lupus is a systemic autoimmune disease that occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your own tissues and organs, according to the Mayo Clinic. Inflammation caused by the disease can affect several different parts of the body, including your joints, …

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So-Called “Christians” Raised More Than $500,000 For Kyle Rittenhouse’s Legal Defense

Kyle Rittenhouse

People who call themselves Christians have raised more than $500,000 for Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal defense. Apparently, some people believe the 17-year-old Illinois native “bravely tried to defend his community” when he fatally shot two people while harassing demonstrators in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Aug. 23. Now, self-proclaimed “Christians” are clicking a …

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500,000 Sharks Could Die To Create A Coronavirus Vaccine


About 500,000 sharks could die in order to supply the world with a COVID-19 vaccine, a nonprofit organization says. Shark Allies, a nonprofit that raises awareness about shark conservation, is warning that sharks could be in danger because an ingredient in their livers could be used for a coronavirus vaccine. …

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