Trinidad & Tobago Health Minister Dismisses Nicki Minaj’s Claims About Family Friend’s Swollen Testicles Being Linked to Covid Vaccine

Nicki Minaj Yikes

Nicki Minaj sent the internet into a frenzy earlier this week when she shared a thirdhand account of her cousin’s friend’s swollen testicles being linked to the covid-19 vaccine. On Wednesday, Trinidad & Tobago’s Minister of Health, Terrence Deyalsingh, spoke out in response, stating that he nor his team could find …

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Pop Smoke’s Mother Cleans Up His Vandalized Gravesite

POp Smoke Family

On Monday, Pop Smoke’s mother Audrey Jackson shared photos of the family’s cleanup efforts at his vandalized gravesite.  Jackson posted a series of photos and videos on Instagram with the caption, “Whoever you are, you have my attention. Now what!?” In an accompanying video, she is seen holding the marble chips left from the …

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DOJ Asks Federal Court to Block Enforcement of Texas Abortion Law

Georgia Abortion Law

The Department of Justice filed an emergency order yesterday asking a federal court judge to block the enforcement of the new Texas abortion law temporarily. In the filing, the DOJ said the new law, known as S.B.8, prevents “women from exercising their constitutional rights.” “The United States seeks a temporary …

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