Jet Crashes On Florida Highway, Kills Two [Video]

A small plane carrying five passengers crashed into a vehicle as it was making an emergency landing. Two people were killed and the crash caused a massive fire. The incident happened on a Florida highway Friday afternoon. The disaster was partly captured on video and air traffic control audio. The …

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Transgender Woman’s Lawsuit Denied After Ex Tosses Surgically Removed Testicles, “We’re Talking About My Nutz”

Transgender Woman's Lawsuit Denied After Ex Tosses Surgically Removed Testicles, "We're Talking About My Nutz"

A Michigan judge dismissed a case in which a transgender woman sued her ex-boyfriend for discarding her surgically removed testicles, also rejecting the ex-boyfriend’s counterclaim of feeling “humiliated.” According to reports, Brianna Kingsley, 40, filed a small claims petition last year claiming her ex, William Wojciechowski, 37, “retains possession of …

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Eve Announces Her Upcoming Memoir Titled “Who’s That Girl?”

Eve is on the brink of adding the accomplishment of a published author to her impressive list of achievements. On Wednesday, the First Lady of Ruff Ryders revealed the news about her forthcoming memoir, “Who’s That Girl?” in a statement provided to People magazine. “I’m excited for people to get …

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Alabama Man Suing Local Police After Losing Hand in Handcuffs

Mother Accused of Theft Attempts to Frame Her Own Child

An Alabama man is suing the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, claiming that his hand was amputated following his arrest in February 2020 due to alleged excessive force. According to, Giovanni Loyola alleges that he was handcuffed for an extended period after his arrest, leading to blocked circulation in his …

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