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Ballerific Relationships – Getting The Girl

Ballerific Relationships - Getting The Girl

“Some guys get all the girls” is a common thought that many men have when they see “Don Juan” with yet another pretty girl on his arm.  You might think that he has success with women because of his looks, intelligence, or money, but the truth is that he knows …

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You Don’t Need A Fat Ass To Get A Baller


It is crazy how many women think they are not good enough because they don’t have a FAT ASS or pretty (very pretty, please) face!  Especially young women.  Folks talking about ASS this and that.  I have a nice ass and appreciate it.  It took me YEARS to make friends …

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Say These Affirmations To Marry Rich

Say These Affirmations To Marry Rich

This is an excellent strategy for women who are tired of putting in all the effort to meet a wealthy partner.  The constant confusion, rejection, late nights, and shallow relationships can wear anyone down.  However, it’s still time to find a compatible, financially stable partner.  What steps will you take …

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Ballerific Relationships – Men Who Fumble

men who fumble the relationship

In football, there is no play more disappointing than watching a running back explode through the hole, break tackles, run for 20 yards, and then end up fumbling before reaching the end zone.  It’s gut-wrenching.  In life, there are men who constantly drop the ball when meeting women.  Unfortunately, a …

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Ballerific Relationshps – Ending A Relationship

Ending A Relationship

In matters of love, nothing is more painful than the end of a relationship.  Hearts are shattered, and feelings are wounded, leaving scars that may last a lifetime.  Closure is often hard to come by when breakups are shrouded in mystery, leaving one partner to pick up the pieces without …

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Ballerific Relationships – Lies Women Tell

lies women tell

When we start a new relationship, we can’t help but wonder what the other person is really like.  It’s only natural to rely on what we observe, hear from others, and what that person tells us.  However, in the beginning, we often interact with their “representative” – a lovable version …

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Ballerific Relationships – Couples Need Time Apart

Couples Need Time Apart

The development of successful relationships requires careful time management.  Spending quality time together is crucial for building the trust and love necessary for a fulfilling relationship.  However, excessive time together can have the opposite effect and drive couples apart. It’s essential to avoid inviting yourself when your partner plans to …

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