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Major Airlines are Banning Cloth Face Coverings

Flu Cases On The Rise As People Are Using Their Face Masks Less

Despite the fact that a number of COVID restrictions have come and gone, one has stayed constant: you must wear a mask on planes. Many airlines implemented this requirement early in the pandemic to keep air travel safe, and government agencies around the world have followed suit with their own mandates. …

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Illinois Woman Arrested for Using Fake Vaccination Card at Hawaii Airport, Claimed She Received “Maderna” Vaccine

Chloe Mrozak maderna

An Illinois woman was arrested on Saturday for traveling to Hawaii with a forged COVID-19 vaccination card, which contained a blatant error. According to court documents, Chloe Mrozak, 24, allegedly submitted an online card to Hawaiian officials that misspelled Moderna as “Maderna.” On Aug. 23, Mrozak arrived in Oahu, and …

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Roe v. Wade Abortion Rights Upended in Texas

Urologists Are Noticing an Increase in Men Seeking Vasectomies Following Overturn of Roe v. Wade

After the US Supreme Court refused to block the country’s most stringent anti-abortion statute from taking effect, abortion rights are now on the chopping block. Abortions beyond the sixth week of pregnancy are illegal in Texas. As you may know, many/most women are unaware they are pregnant within the first …

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