CBS News Crew’s Car Keys Were Stolen While Pursuing A Man Thought To Be R. Kelly Outside Chicago Studio

In bizarre news, a CBS news team from Atlanta got their car keys stolen while chasing an R Kelly story.

The crew was in Chicago looking into Kelly’s studio that has allegedly been housing his sex cult victims. Johnathan Carlson, the chief investigative reporter, tweeted the events at 3 a.m Monday morning.

According to Carlson, a man left the building, who they thought was the controversial R&B legend. As they pursued him, they left the key in the running car with the window down. A random person from a nearby SUV jumped out and grabbed the company’s rental car keys. One of the members told the Chicago Tribune it took “less than a minute for someone to steal the key fob.” Carlson divulged that the culprit knew the automobile belonged to media and a “comprehensive report” would be aired. 

Police were called and told the thief jumped back into the black SUV and sped off. So far, no arrests have been made. 

A frustrated, yet perseverant Carlson went on to say, “We were here to uncover the truth about what’s going on here and what we saw this past evening, what we witnessed and what you’ll see on the news tomorrow night, was disturbing. And what quickly happened to us in the process of the melee that was happening outside here was even more disturbing. But it’s not going to stop us from showing what was going on here.”


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