Ceaser Says Karlie Redd's Celibacy Claim Was A "F*cking Joke"

Ceaser Says Karlie Redd’s Celibacy Claim Was A “F*cking Joke”


Although Karlie Redd’s relationship with Black Ink Crew’s Ceaser was short-lived, the two made headlines after Karlie revealed the couple had decided to be celibate throughout their relationship.

However, since the two have called it quits, the tattoo artist has come forward to spill the tea about his relationship with Karlie. He discussed Karlie’s celibacy statement, calling the claim a “f*cking joke.”

“Listen, listen. That s**t’s a joke,” Ceaser said in an interview with VH1. “When we went and made the announcement, she had my — how can I say this and be polite? Um — she just finished giving me fellatio. So how we celibate? In the car driving there. So, put it like this: that celibacy was a f*cking joke. Karlie Redd celibate my ass.”

Karlie maintains her side of the story and fired a few shots at Ceaser in an interview with Bossip. “He’s dead to me,” she said. “We didn’t have sex, so you’re dead.”

Ceaser also addressed Karlie’s statements during the reunion, regarding his relationship with Tommie, his car situation and his fallout with Young Joc.

“[Karlie] came over my house, talking about ‘Tommie, Tommie, Tommie.’ It was like a whole situation I just got put in the middle of, because Sky and Tommie is wild cool,” he said, revealing there was no issue between Karlie and Tommie until Tommie linked up with Black Ink’s Sky. “It was just a whole messy situation.”

“That sh*t was so short,” he continued of his relationship with Karlie. “You gotta understand, I don’t even – I only been in Atlanta for what, 3-4 months if that? Since March, we opened up Black Ink Atlanta?

“I ain’t been here that long. Why she sayin’ that ‘He don’t got a car, but I got a house?’ I could go buy me a car if I want. But I had Uber named Karlie Redd so…I ain’t need a car.”

Ceaser went on to express himself about his appearance on #LHHATL, when Karlie introduced him to the cast in an effort to flaunt her new relationship in front of her ex, Joc.

“I ain’t gon lie, I did feel played with that whole situation when I walked in, I’m like ‘What the f*ck is this?’ he said. “I f*cked with Joc.  Joc my nigga.  Real niggas ain’t never have no quarrels over no female.”

“Like as far as exes, that bitch is everybody’s ex. I really wasn’t sweating that sh*t it was just like ‘You tryna put me and Joc against each other?’ I’m not even that type of n*gga.”


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