Celebrating The Men In Our Lives: Happy Father’s Day

All too often, the love, support, protection, and guidance that only a father can give isn’t recognized enough. Today, and every day let’s uplift every dad, stepdad, grandad, godfather, uncle daddy, heavenly fathers and any man who stands up to call of fatherhood. Happy Father’s Day fellas!

It’s not easy out here and yet so many of you do such a great job, effortlessly creating a legacy of strength and honor for your children, families, and communities. Don’t let the negative talk fool you, all black men aren’t deadbeat dads, and there’s a difference between a failed romantic relationship and a man being a father to his child. We salute all of you who put forth the effort to consistently show up for your children in spite of the circumstances or difficulties you face or may have created. So, what do you do to show your appreciation to the men in your life?

Ugly sweaters, dad shirts, and coffee mugs may seem corny, but you’d be surprised how many men rock those dad items with pride and style. They may not say it, but thoughtful gifts from the kids mean the world to them. For the bearded dads, grooming kits and personal care items are always a hit. If he’s a sports fanatic, tickets to his favorite teams game would make his day.

Now, some of you guys are hard to shop for so tell us, what would be a great gift or ideal way to celebrate your day?

Father’s Day

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