Several Cell Phone Users Are Just Now Receiving Old Valentine’s Day Text Messages After Glitch

If you received a random Valentine’s Day text this past Wednesday, you are probably one of the cell phone users who experienced a glitch.

This week, several people started receiving messages that were originally sent on or around Valentine’s Day 2019. According to The Verge, the people who received the texts never received them in the first place, and the people who sent them didn’t know they weren’t received. The senders didn’t try to resend them overnight.

Reports show that iPhones and Androids were all affected by the glitch, and it reached most major carriers in the U.S., including T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon. The Verge reports that the glitch apparently came from a system that several cell phone carriers use for messaging. A Sprint spokesperson said a “maintenance update” last night caused the error. “The issue was resolved not long after it occurred,” the spokesperson said, adding, “We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.” T-Mobile blamed the issue on a “third-party vendor.” However, it didn’t clarify what company that was or what service they provided. “We’re aware of this, and it is resolved,” a T-Mobile spokesperson said.

The statements covered why messages were sent last night, but it’s still unknown why the messages were all from Valentine’s Day and weren’t sent in the first place. T-Mobile and Sprint have yet to release more information on the incident.

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