Twitter’s Former CEO Jack Dorsey Calls Company’s Mass Layoffs His Fault
Jack Dorsey’s Twitter

CEO Of Twitter Gets Own Twitter Account Broken Into, Hackers Post Offensive Tweets

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, got his own Twitter account broken into by a hackers group that calls themselves “The Chuckle Squad.

Friday afternoon, several offensive tweets were posted on the CEO’s account. Some of which included the N-word, pro-Adolf Hitler ideologies and one that threatened to blow up the Twitter headquarters. Many of the tweets were retweeted from the accounts of the people suspected of hacking Dorsey.

According to The Verge, the messages seem to have been sent Cloudhopper, a third-party service that allows users to tweet via text message. In addition to the insensitive tweets, the group also invited people to join their Discord server and “Chuckle with us.” 

“Both the server and the server owner were permanently removed from Discord within minutes of this being reported to us,” a representative for the platform told The Verge. The tweets were removed and Twitter communications have launched an investigation into the incident. The accounts the retweets came from have also been suspended.

Jack Dorsey’s Twitter

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