Resource Energy CEO Pulls Gun On Hispanic Couple That Made A U-Turn On His Property

Honestly, I don’t know if it’s the sense of entitlement or fear when it comes to people brandishing firearms for the smallest things. These regular civilians with no authority are getting out of hand and their ridiculous excuses are baseless. All they’re missing is a badge, but we already know what would happen if they had that.

The CEO of an energy company not only chased down a Hispanic couple but pulled his gun and pointed it at them after they made a u-turn on his Colorado property, the New York Post reports.

On June 12, Chris Ochoa, 26 and his girlfriend were on their way to a friend’s wedding rehearsal dinner but somehow their GPS navigation misdirected them to the affluent Elk Canyon Estates in Sedalia.

After realizing they were lost, Ochoa made a u-turn to get back on track, but “a large red truck pulled in front of me and cut me off, blocking the road,” Ochoa said on his Facebook post recalling their encounter with CEO Paul Favret.

Favret “immediately got out of his truck and pointed a gun at us. He then ran to my driver’s side window (which was down) and continued to point the gun and yell that he was ‘going to blow our head off!” Apparently, the CEO of Resource Energy was upset that Ochoa used his property to make the u-turn.

“During this time we had our hands up, pleading that we were only looking for my friend’s wedding party and that we were not doing anything wrong.” Ochoa said he told Favret they were lost and apologized, but says the man kept pointing his gun at them.

“My girlfriend was able to take a few pictures as he moved towards the front of our rental car, and she called 911 as well because we felt in danger as he kept pointing the gun at our faces and continued to tell us how much he wanted to kill us,” Ochoa added.

In a statement to police, Ochoa stated he stayed as still as possible, because of Favret’s rage. “I knew he could shoot any time, and I knew I could die at any time based on how he was reacting.”

“As a minority, I felt in danger,” he said.

The couple later found out that they were not the only people to get lost, two other attendees of the rehearsal also ended up on the property, but did not get held at gunpoint. “We were also the only minorities in the entire neighborhood where this occurred,” he said on Facebook.

Sadly, Ochoa didn’t press charges because the venue owner where his friend’s wedding was taking place, threatened to cancel the event by stating: “If you press charges and disrupt my community I will cancel the wedding,” he wrote.

Ochoa said he was “in disbelief that she put me in the position of choosing between ruining my best friend’s wedding or doing what is right. I had no choice but to walk away. It amazed me that she was willing to cancel her own nephew’s wedding because of this.”

Luckily, the Douglas County District Attorney’s office filed five charges against Favret, who lied to authorities by saying he didn’t pull a gun on the couple. But thanks to the pictures by Ochoa’s girlfriend, authorities were able to call him out on his lying. Favret then blamed the pain medication he was currently taking and said he didn’t remember that part.

He is facing two counts of felony menacing counts and three misdemeanors, 9 News reported.

“The Facebook post in question does not portray an accurate version of the events. However, I deeply regret my actions that day,” Favret told the news through a company rep. “I had no way of knowing the identities of the individuals in the vehicle,” Favret told 9 News. “I just saw the unknown vehicle very close to the home at a time when we were not expecting any visitors and our property is clearly marked with our address and is about 1/2 mile from their destination.” He also insist he could not tell the couple’s race and said intruders have used his property to illegally elk hunting.

Ochoa identifies as Mexican American and has requested that the case be reopened. Sadly, the incident scared him so bad he skipped out on the wedding the next day.

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